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The large area was known as Nelson County, Kentucky – Ohio and Butler Counties did not yet exist. His grave marker can be found in the cemetery at Beaver Dam Baptist Church, Beaver Dam Kentucky, photo above.

Their 10th and last child, Mariah James, was born in 1802. John and Lucy (my fifth great grandparents) were “pioneers” in the purest sense of the word. It reads: After much searching, I could find no published webpage that contained this particular James family history.

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The Mayflower would not sail to America for two more years.

Jamestown had been established eleven years earlier.

I only show eight generations to protect the privacy of living persons.

So far, no family researcher has found documented proof that Christopher is the son of John and Justina Thurston.

Through contacts that he provided, I received a hand-written descendant chart with many, many James family names listed.