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As the slide continues rearward, a claw extractor pulls the spent casing from the firing chamber and an ejector strikes the rear of the case pivoting it out and away from the pistol.

The slide stops and is then propelled forward by a spring to strip a fresh cartridge from the magazine and feed it into the firing chamber.

The M1911 pistol originated in the late 1890s, as a search for a suitable self-loading (or semi-automatic) handgun, to replace the variety of revolvers then in service.

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A grip safety, sear disconnect, slide stop, half cock position, and manual safety (located on the left rear of the frame) are on all standard M1911A1s.

Several companies have developed a firing pin block safety.

Other governments had also levied similar complaints, which resulted in DWM producing an enlarged version of the round, the 9mm Parabellum (known in current military parlance as the 9x19mm NATO), a necked-up version of the 7.65mm round. It also prompted the then-Chief of Ordnance, General William Crozier, who became Chief of Ordnance of the Army in 1901, to authorize further testing for a new service pistol.

Following the 1904 Thompson-La Garde pistol round effectiveness tests, Colonel John T.

This led to a purchase of 1,000 DWM Luger pistols, chambered in 7.65mm Luger, a bottlenecked cartridge. Due to problems encountered by American military units fighting Moro guerrillas during the Philippine-American War, the then-standard .38 Long Colt revolver was found to be unsuitable for the rigors of jungle warfare, particularly in terms of stopping power, as the Moros had very high battle morale and frequently used drugs to inhibit the sensation of pain. Army briefly reverted to using the M1873 single-action revolver in .45 Colt caliber, which had been standard during the last decades of the 19th century because the slower, heavier bullet was found to be more effective against charging tribesmen.

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