Asian and hispanic dating

: D Im colombian and i have found that me and all my brothers from different Hispanic races are similar the only difference is the name of the country we come from.

hi, i am a mexican guy and i was wondering if there are any asian girls that like latin guys.

i've seen lately that more and more asian girls are dating latin guys.

I am hispanic or latin as are my brothers from mexico.

I didn't know that Asian girls like Latin guys, until now, I been looking for my soul-mate for more than half of my life and I am 51 years old already, I had been in a numerous of relationship through all my life but no luck at all, perhaps I been looking in the wrong place with the wrong people.

I am planing a trip to Thailand but I like to go to Korea, Japan and China in that order and I am going specifically to find my soul mate, I know sounds crazy but hey!