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Generations - Generation - The shy girl who always hangs out with only Asians - The party girl who loves going to club - 1st Generation - Foreign Asian Women - Country by Country analysis of 1st Generation Asian Women Nationality China - FRS - Pick Up lines - Generation - How can I tell if a Chinese Woman likes me - Culture - Traveling to China - Working in China - Vignettes - Personality - Class - Parents - Where to go on a date - Good things to talk about - Sexuality - Location Taiwan - FRS - Pick Up lines - Personality - Location - Ties to China - Language - Working in Taiwan - Visa Issues - Culture - Sexuality - Bunny The Approach City of Hong Kong, China - Hong Kong: China or No - Capitalist Society on Border of China - Location - Class - Personality - Dating - Value Thailand - FRS - Pick Up lines - FRS fistinguishing trait - Personality - Kissing - Good Vs.

You probably know by now that having an Asian girlfriend is a rite of passage for all white men.

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When you get there, look around: the best Asian girl to pick up will be the one wearing a hoodie and heels (there is always one). As she takes out her phone to tell you, you should make a nice comment about her phone flair (Asian girls always have some bedazzled jank hanging off our phones, usually a cartoon duck or a jade tiger). Asian girls will go on a date with anyone if she can tell a cutesy story about it later: "And then, after he saw my Keroppi keychain, he asked me out at Pinkberry! " STEP TWO: The First Date It doesn't matter where you take an Asian girl on a first date as long as you stick to the following topics of conversation: food, fashion, and making fun of other Asians ("So, your friends just stayed in and did math problems? However, no matter what you do, don't step on the yellow-fever land mine that is acknowledging the Asian fetish.

Yes, we all implicitly know what's going on here -- why else did America go to war in two Asian countries last century? Us girls all like to pretend that we're your first Far East foray.

This stereotype is not only offensive, but it perpetuates this mode of thinking that Asian women are good for flings rather than serious relationships.

At best, it can be good for Asian women who want to date casually and for those who don’t let anonymous messages get the better of them, but what is usually the case is that it leaves a very sour taste when it comes to both Asian online dating and men in general.

And those that do want to date other Asians tend to skew to more traditional relationship gender roles, such as expecting the woman to choose family over career or to do the entirety of household chores without ever questioning the man’s authority.