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I told him we'd be stuck there all day if he didn't move — which eventually he did.' It was just another explosion among many for Jo, whose slender size ten frame belies her steely aggression.

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With competitive streaks accentuated by demanding careers and the seemingly perfect lifestyles displayed by celebrities, women are cracking under the pressure.

Such outbursts can also become addictive, a form of almost animalistic release.

An otherwise quietly spoken sales manager, Annmarie says she has always been someone to 'stand up for herself if something seems wrong', but suddenly she became easily infuriated.'He warns me that one day I'm going to get angry with the wrong person and they will be provoked and I will be physically hurt.

You read these horror stories about people carrying knives, especially in incidents of road rage.'And when, last year, she decided a driver was too close behind her as she kept to a 30mph speed limit, she braked suddenly and got out of the car.

'It works as a form of control and can make us assert ourselves better.''We lose our cognitive functioning and are less likely to see things objectively and communicate healthily.

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    ” 1999)This Ron Howard comedy was a direct reaction to the reality-television trend that was beginning to take over television, and it somehow squanders the charm of both Mc Conaughey and Harrelson, who would reunite much more successfully on . was a necessary corrective measure: a wry indie about Arthur, an ordinary guy who decides to turn himself into a Batman-like vigilante, clumsily named Defendor, who believes he’s out to stop a mysterious nemesis he calls Captain Industry.

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