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All you can do is decide to be discriminating about what message boards you post on. I'm all for women being treated equally and with respect, but some of them seem to get offended by just about everything that can be remotely construed as sexist.There are definitely some forums that can turn into a very negative place when there's the wrong group of people around. I've found the same thing happening on sites geared toward women, though. They're like a pack of rabid dogs--they'll jump on anything and anyone and just tear them to shreds.

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Ever since Nintendo announced the Switch, it’s been cagey about the exact details of the platform.

That’s nothing new for the company, which frequently goes out of its way to obfuscate its own hardware’s capabilities.

But yeah, the forums are mostly people dissing the articles, and their grammar is so bad I'm pretty sure they are all teenagers or foreigners.

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It would also put an end to persistent claims that the Switch is basically a modest improvement on the Wii U in a much smaller form factor, rather than any kind of game-changer in its own right.