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I got many mails about how to use Details View without SQLData Source. Details View generates a user interface similar to the Form View of a Microsoft Access database, and is typically used for updating/deleting any currently displayed record or for inserting new records.You can use the Details View control to update existing database records.

Thanks in advance Hi mkubaryc, I suggest you can use Find Control() to get the reference of each Text Box or other controls for updating manually, and then get values from them, not using Old Values or New Values dictionary.

Thanks, Getting Information from the Controls (Template Field or Bound Field ) from any of the Data Presentation Controls Hello Everybody, I have a very important question for me. It has three Bound Fields and one Template Field I want to get information from any of the record (row,line etc ) using any of the Bound Fields or Template Fields.

Here is the source code to update all the columns in Details View with edited data.

Note that regard less of old values and new values database is updated with all the data in Details View(edited columns and non-edited columns).

Compiler Error Message: BC30456: ' Eval' is not a member of ' ASP.mobiletaskcoordinator_aspx'. Custom User Controls and Detailsview Template Field HELP!!