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_Layout.cshtml This is the final step where the application need to know which resource file (or language) it has to choose when rendering the view.

This can be done by setting current request’s thread culture to user preferred locale.

Businesses all over the world are going global and thus the services offered by them needs to be catered to people of different cultures. Net has localization support using resources files which helps us to localize the views and thus preventing the need to build separate website for each locales.

This means the services these businesses provide through a web based application needs to support multiple cultures i.e. This is where localization and globalization comes into picture when building web applications. In this article, let’s see how to build a multi-language web site using Asp. For easy understanding, let’s build a simple Employee Maintenance application that helps to maintain employee records using Asp. We will use simple Employee-Department Model and Entity Framework Code First for data access.

Assuming, you have the project created with all the necessary Nuget packages required to run Asp.