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When the Galileo probe flew by the Jovian moon in the 1990s, scientists noted that Europa had an magnetic field, created by its relatively constant interaction with Jupiter; such a field is possible when there is an all-encompassing, low-density substance that has electrical conductivity. Takeaway: Europa; Saturn’s moons; sub-surface Mars. In the solar system, these are some of the prime candidates for discovering life, which Hand predicts (not believes! To define “life,” we need a second example of “life,” something to compare to definition of “life.” Talithia Williams Profession: Associate Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College Interest: Using statistics as a way of seeing the world in a new light Highlight: How do you use data?

An example of Williams’s work: during the 2015 Baltimore protests, researchers studied protestors’ tweets.

Afterward, writer/director/producer Wendy Calhoun hosted an excellent Q and A session.

Here were our seven “dates”: Jody Puglisi Profession: Structural Biology Professor, Stanford Interest: The role of ribonucleic acids in promoting health and fighting disease Highlight: An example of how simple microscopic pictures can lead to wide, societal benefits.

Moving up the food chain: cows, which eat plants (before moving on to the grain feed yard) are even less efficient.

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    Mueller is only allowed to be in the mansion during custodial visits twice a week with their twin sons, Bob and Max, aged four.

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    It is on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal.

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    of State Condoleezza Rice will be interviewed for the hour on "Piers Morgan Tonight" at 9pm ET/PT, and talks to Piers Morgan about the Iraq War, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and much more.

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    She starts to pleasure herself when vito, someone renting a room from her boyfriend, walks in.