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There are so many different reasons why you might be attracted to someone, and indeed, just as many reasons why you might not be.

Have you ever found yourself being really drawn to a person who, on the surface, you would never normally go for?

When asked, this is always one of the top answers that people give when considering whether they would find another individual attractive.

However, physical attractiveness is determined by a number of factors, and these can vary from person to person – which is why not everyone finds the same people attractive.

Whether consciously or not, assessing someone’s physical appearance is one of the first things we do when meeting them, and not just for the first time.

We continuously judge and assess one another’s physical attractiveness each and every time we are faced with them.

We don’t want to surround ourselves with those who are obviously more attractive and accomplished than ourselves for fear of standing out as the “unattractive” or “unsuccessful” one.