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(if you have a child, but you and your partner work less than 16 hours a week), working tax credit (if you’re over 25 and over 30 hours a week) or working tax credit child tax credit (if you have a child and you work 30 hours a week).For instance, if you are single without children, £13,000 will generally be the upper limit to receiving tax credit..Be sure to tell the tax office if the child is continuing in education as Child Tax Credit will usually stop after the 1st September following their 16th birthday.

So, the reduced amount of the child element - £1,402.60 plus the family element - £545We’re going to work out 41% of the ‘excess’ income and then subtract that from our total starting tax credits.

Take £6,420 away from your income of £19,000 £19,000 - £6,420 = £12,580 (This figure is your excess)You can receive back up to 70% of your childcare costs if the care is provided from a registered or approved childcare, but you must be work over 16 hours a week as either a single person, or between a couple (i.e 8 hours each) to claim.

Before we work out the reductions, your entitlement would be as follows: Basic family element - £545 Child element - £2,690 So, our starting total is The child element is reduced first at a rate of 41 per cent.

In other words, we’re going to work out 41% of the ‘excess’ income and then subtract that from the child element. £19,000 - £15,860 = £3140You may remember that the basic family element is only reduced if your income is sufficiently large so that when set against your total possible entitlement, your actual entitlement is reduced to zero.

Your household income typically needs to be below £32,200 to be eligible, but some households can still get payouts where there are many children, disabled children or either you or your partner has a disability.

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