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State Pension (Contributory) was known as Old Age Contributory Pension up to 28 September 2006.

The main provisions relating to State Pension (Contributory) are contained in For State Pension (Contributory) purposes, social insurance contributions can be divided into two categories - full-rate and modified rate.

If the claimant indicates that he/she was insured* in an EU country or a country with which Ireland has a Bilateral Agreement, a claim to pension in that country is made by the Department on the claimant's behalf.

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Qualifying Conditions The qualifying conditions are as previously outlined, but with some modification: To qualify for this pension General A person should normally make a claim to pension in the country of residence.

A person living in Ireland should therefore apply for pension to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Certain conditions apply as follows: Credited contributions are awarded in certain circumstances by the Department, generally in respect of periods of unemployment or incapacity for work due to illness.

See 'Credited Contributions" guideline for more general information.

A person must have started paying social insurance employment contributions at full or modified rate before a certain date, depending on date of birth, as follows: Insurance prior to 1953 - National Health Insurance contributions paid prior to 1953 are reckonable in order to satisfy the condition of entry into social insurance before a specified date for standard State Pension (Contributory). Persons who commenced paying high rate voluntary contributions on or before 6 April 1997 will need only 156 full-rate employment contributions paid if the yearly average is 20 or more.

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