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Or how everybody jizzes over Suffocation now, but in the mid-90s you couldn’t read two pages of without someone pissing and moaning about “Suffoclones.” Are metal nerds crazy, or is there some rhyme and reason to their seemingly-contradictory behavior??I believe that there is indeed a way to understand metal nerds, but it’s not what you might think!From this point on, music journalists found it impossible to describe the band's work without resorting to the word ‚Ethereal‘.” – Peter Buckley, The Rough Guide to Rock “... band Area debuted with Radio Caroline while Vazz from Scotland, a former new wave/synthwave band, brought out Feverpitch that follows the footsteps of the Cocteau Twins. And they all used choruses, flangers and other effects pedals to create a certain kind of sound.” – Kevin Shields, My Bloody Valentine The label features some of the most well-known names of the US scene (Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia, etc.).

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Most ethereal wave bands used drum machines and electronically generated rhythms (e.g.

Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Area, Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia, Autumn, Speaking Silence, etc.).

This is probably because the current crop of metal nerds liked them when they were in middle school.

Instead, metal nerds focus their hatred on bands that today’s middle-schoolers like such as Suiside Silence and Bring Me The Horizon.

More recent bands who partly represent the genre are Autumn's Grey Solace, Tearwave, Ashrae Fax, Mercury's Antennae, Melodyguild, Faded Sympathy, Saigon Blue Rain, Scarlet Mother,) share some similarities (e.g.