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What was the Great Leap Forward, which had such a profound influence on Chinese society?1958 was an important year in the Communist revolution: the Three Red Flags (the 'General Line', the 'Great Leap Forward' and the 'People's Commune') were put into effect. China like the former USSR employed planned economic developments.China & India, 1995: Total Population by Age and Sex.

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What followed was the 'Great Leap Forward' policy (see below), a forced industrialization during which millions of peasants were made to leave the land to work in factories.

The slogan at the time was 'overtake the British, race the Americans'.

Three fire engines and one helicopter took an hour to extinguish the blaze, which took place in an industrial area called Zona Franca, according to local media.

It comes after two terror attacks in Barcelona and nearby Cambrills killed 14 people and injured 130.

China had experienced a century of imperial decline, natural disasters, foreign invasion and civil unrest. The communists took over in 1949 after the civil war and began to modernize China.