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Even though the season has just begun, I've already filled up on a couple lifetimes' worth of trivia.

Over the past couple of days, I've learned that Jeff Weaver's little brother Jered has a 1.13 ERA for Long Beach State, that Brewers reliever Jeff Bennett doesn't curve the bill of his cap "so he can check runners on base," and that the 5-1 Detroit Tigers were 3-25 at one point last year.

On his business of baseball page, Doug Pappas, a lawyer who has chaired SABR's business of baseball committee for 10 years, offers salary data going back to 1977 and ticket prices to 1950.

At On Deck Baseball Prospects, the obsessive Scott Rex ranks the top 500 prospects in minor league baseball.

On his Twins page, Will Young pored through nine years of transactions to see if General Manager Terry Ryan deserves his reputation as a master executive.