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The default 5 is a good balance, but experiment with slightly lower or higher values (e.g.

4 or 6) to see which increases your fps at the cost of minimal, if any, noticeable reduction in graphics quality.

Advice for adjusting settings which can be completely changed using the in-game menus will not be repeated here.

Battlefield officially turned into a globally recognized blockbuster franchise worldwide and received a slew of awards including the BAFTA Games Award for Use of Audio, the title remains hugely popular today.

Game Spy Technology, a service that provides multiplayer functionality like leaderboards and matchmaking to many titles, announced in April that it would shutdown hosting services as of May 31.

Significant technical hurdles remain, and at this time we don't have anything to announce." According to a service update on EA's support page, the Game Spy list includes games evaluated to have low numbers of peak online players.

These will be kept offline to free up resources, allowing EA's engineering and IT teams to "focus on keeping a positive experience for the other 99 percent of customers playing our more popular games." "But as games get replaced with newer titles, the number of players still enjoying the older games dwindles to a level — typically fewer than 1 percent of all peak online players across all EA titles — where it's no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping these games up and running," the statement reads.

EA said in April that it is working on transitioning Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2142 The titles scheduled to go offline on June 30 are listed in full below.