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On 23 February 2009, Axel Addington, web content manager for Atomium, emailed a clarification to the Glass Steel and Stone website, which some years earlier redacted its photographs of the Atomium after being threatened. This is the case where photographs are taken by private individuals and shown on private websites for no commercial purpose (the current trend for photo albums).

He stated: The royalties are perceived [sic] by the descendants of André Waterkeyn, the engineer who conceived Atomium in 1955, and not by the A. In accordance with legislation, usage rights for the image of the Atomium would naturally extend to 1st January 2076, in other words, the seventieth anniversary of André Waterkeyn's death.

Though the Atomium depicts an iron unit cell, the balls were originally clad with aluminium.

Following the 2004–2007 renovations, however, the aluminium was replaced with stainless steel, which is primarily iron.

The escalators installed in the oblique tubes are among the longest in Europe. Three of the four top spheres lack vertical support and hence are not open to the public for safety reasons, although the sphere at the pinnacle is open to the public.