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And I'm not into to going to parties to hookup with drunks, which is pretty common hereunfortunately.

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But you had to spend $5000 for the phone and $10k for the service. Any girls who actually have more to offer are usually already hitched. I think most people are just looky loo's, surfing alone or with their friends and commenting and maybe sending the odd note to get a reaction. Just do what you love, you'll shine, and a like minded person who enjoys the same things or at least appreciates your talents/ethics/style whatever, will make it clear they are interested and you will actually be able to believe them because they're not hiding behind a computer screen.

Problem is only about 10 people had them and they stole all the womenfolk. Then all of a sudden a show called "Sex and the City"turned the female population into picky biatches looking for Mr Big. its all the same everywhere If you want to be on here for the forums that's fine. I would think its a pretty good place to date for young women but no so much for young guys. So my suggestion would be to close this profile down and get the hell out there! I am definitely not here to find a relationship, and I made that decision when I first joined. Then you may find that online dating is not the answer. If you are in the 20-23 range, I agree that meeting women IRL might be best but there is nothing wrong with wanting to try a different route.

So I'm not like a guy who scores a date everytime I go out and given the two horrible relationships I have been in, online dating seemed feasible, if just to meet people outside my local area (not too far though).

I admit I spend more times on the forums than messaging people, but out of curiosity, is there a point in looking for a possible date from girls here who are early twenties, as they probably have a gazillion messages already?

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