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Some people that shy people are rude, but if you look at the body language of a shy person, you can see that they just prefer to curl up into... It's dark, but there are so many flashing light and people with bright neon hair, that you can always see where your girls are, who you're dancing with, and...

Destiny runs a doggy day care during the day, and for the most rambunctious pups, she needs to wear them out with a long walk before they hit the playroom! It's always hard to tell if that look is a tiger about to pounce on her prey, or an invitation to come over and start up a conversation.

She doesn't just skate board, she flies over ramps, obstacles and through concourses. Make it work as you go from prep to punk as you transform your makeup, hair, and cl...

Join Neo Cleo on her journey from dusty desert queen of empires past to glitzy glammed out celebutaunt of the moment!

but I immediately recognised my old friend by the word "ponte". And believe me, if someone tells a joke that truly offends, he or she will be punished for it.