Bethany galeotti and james lafferty dating

JJ: Is this something you’re only behind the camera on? JJ: Do you have ideas of who you want in front of the camera for this project? Right now we’re still in the stages of trying to get it out there. Also, I just randomly, I don’t know why, but I never got into LCD Soundsystem.

We get to sort of transport the audience into a different world. JL: Probably my buddy Bryan Greenberg, because he’s always just somewhere ridiculously exotic. He’s always doing something crazy, and fun, and cool, and making me feel very uncool. JL: Right now, I’ve been completely obsessed with the Lorde album, everything that she’s done. And ever since then, they blame me for everything on Twitter.

So at that point, the armor has to make rounds on set and make sure that everybody sees that there’s nothing in the chamber, and they’re not real bullets, and all that. JL: Just bonding with the kids that I’m supposed to be teaching. And when I was first getting my start in television, I was their age.

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JL: L Bar is like my living room that is not in my house. My buddy was on the phone with a locksmith and I go to my car to just look inside to make sure everything is there and everything was there, including my keys, in the ignition.

I was like, well, I guess I’ve gotta call a locksmith.

And when I look back, I kind of see that as the time when those worlds overlapped, of me being a kid and me starting off on this new adventure. JJ: Did you ever flip channels, then come across your show? It’s kind of hard not to click on because you never know what season you’re going to see. We got a setup at a pretty cool company and there’s not much I can really say about it now, but that part of my career I’m really happy with right now.

JJ: You went from high school straight to , what’s the first thing you remember about that transition, and the first season of that show? While we were shooting the pilot, I called to ask my prom date to prom while I was in Wilmington, North Carolina. Every once in a while I’ll be flipping through and I’ll see it on the guide. I’ve got a pilot actually that we’re, sort of moving right along with. I mean, we have sort of our dream ideas but who knows. So I’ve just been cramming LCD Soundsystem lately, and just loving every minute of it.

So I packed everything up and we went to Vegas, and on the way back from Vegas, I was just sort of picturing how I was going to get my life back together.