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If you’re a heavy user, ween yourself off by committing to only viewing one actresses work (no clicking around to multiple scenes with various actresses), and cutting it down to less than 20 minutes per week.

If that’s too easy/difficult, then you can always download a site blocker (have someone else choose the password for you – and don’t let them tell you what it is) to block porn from your computer altogether.– Masturbate Masturbation is awesome.

If you have to itch your leg, have it take five seconds for your hand to reach that itch. As for your inner dialogue, in a slow, calm voice, repeat thoughts along the lines of, “I’m sooo glad to finally be in bed… And animals feel cagey, stressed, and anxious when they aren’t allowed to roam free. Focus on compound exercises (push ups, pull ups, dead lifts, and squats), lift heavier than you’re used to, and push yourself a little bit past what you tell yourself you’re capable of.

this is such a ridiculously comfortable bed, and I’ve been looking forward to being in it all day… Slow down your movements, and slow down your thoughts, and you might be nodding off faster than you have in years. If you have a job that is fairly inactive and you never exercise, it’s going to take a toll on your mental, emotional, physical, and sexual health. You’ll boost your testosterone levels, increase your self-esteem, and feel capable of achieving what you once told yourself was unachievable.

Yes, there are apps/programs/blue light blocking glasses that keep you from ‘ingesting’ blue light with your eyes, but just the act of being on a digital device keeps your mind in a ‘I need to be ‘on’” mode and messes with your sleep. Trust me, your day to day stress levels will thank you. Just go to bed.– Journal out any thoughts on to paper Do you find that your mind starts racing as soon as your head hits the pillow? Keep a journal/notepad on your bedside table so that you can brain dump any random thoughts that come to you close to bed time. Just cool enough that you can sleep naked and feel grateful that you have a blanket draped over your body.– Read fiction Reading before bed is a great way to become more sleepy, but you have to be reading the right thing.