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“We all have a longing for something, since we’re all here.All of human history I think is grappling with this, this eternal longing.” Born on April 7, 1934 in Gujarat, India, Bhavsar received his BA from Gujarat University in Amdavad, he later moved to the United States where he received his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 1965. Rockefeller III Fund Fellowship, followed a decade later by a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.

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Bhavsar dating

Today he is known for his experiments in color, but his earliest work was figural, based on a cross between Indian miniatures and Cubism.

The transformation to an abstract painter occurred during his graduate studies in the United States in the 1960s, when he was much influenced by the color-field painters working at the time.

He began to work in their style, but quickly distinguished himself with the invention of his own painting process.

This involves soaking the canvas with a clear liquid binder and then sifting a layer of dry pigment onto the canvas, repeating until the composition is finished.

In this manner, he applies as many as eighty layers to a canvas. "Recent Acquisitions," October 16, 1979–January 30, 1980, no catalogue. "Natvar Bhavsar: Twenty Years of Works on Paper," February 10–March 24, 1985, brochure no.