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And before you judge wrongly, at the end of this article, I have written strong reasons in this artcle Why You V-Twin engine. The biggest problem is the poor design of the cam chain system.

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There really is "no fix" for this Twin-Cam engine defect.

Even the new hydraulic system still has chain tension shoes that will eventually wear out and if you don't catch it in time, the shoes can disintegrate just like the old spring-tension system and cause the cam chain to slap against metal causing total engine failure, usually by clogging the oil pump with metal chips. Harley-Davidson used to keep the crankshaft runout balanced to about 0.003" but in the year 2011 to the current Twin-Cam engines the crankshafts leave the factory to allow as much as 0.012" runout which is so huge you can't even install a gear drive kit.

This indicates why Harley-Davidson has no cure "real" for this cam chain tensioners shoe problem. you can win in small claims or Superior court a refund of the purchase price of your motorcycle. That's what I would do if my engine exploded due to a known manufacturing defect and nobody told me about it in writing when I bought the new or used motorcycle from an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

A dealer can not conceal known defects to sell a defective product upon an unsuspecting consumer, but that is what Harley-Davidson and its dealers are doing.

Also, below, at the end of this article read about Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee Eight Single Cam Engine & How It Solves So Many Defects And Problems! quite a few idiots still believe all of the reputable magazine editors over the years are liars and that Harley's have no defects. Well, I assure you these defects do exist - whether you wish to believe them or not - they will not go away simply because the defects exposed hurt your feelings. However, you can fix some of these defects and end up with a nice bike. Those who find out the hard way are broke and ashamed to admit their bike is defective. When they do there will be metal to metal contact and this grinding creates metal shavings that creates a catastrophic engine failure. "You may hear a sound like the starter motor is running, but if your pipes are loud you may not get even this warning.