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Once we are done, I would keep him as my embarrassed naked boy."—31/Male/Gay "I want to be taken advantage of in front of a bunch of people who are all watching and all super into it.

Like, I have this very specific fantasy of being at a party or something and men and women are talking down to me, degrading me, all the while touching me while I'm super embarrassed and humiliated but also am really starting to enjoy it.

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It's just that fat happens to be nice and soft and round and I like the way it feels and looks (nice curves), but in the real world, there are consequences to actually gaining weight."—21/Female/Bi "To strip my partner completely naked in public and suck him off while a crowd starts to gather round.

I want him to be a little embarrassed that we are doing this in front of other people, but he just can't help himself and starts to moan in ecstasy.

A very real medical setting with real medical tools and outfits and procedures and lingo, plus some kind of 'medically necessary' orgasm torture while being forced to hold it in with a butt plug, all done by women, with maybe one man watching.

Gotta have a pelvic/rectal exam somewhere in there, too."—28/Woman/Bi "For some reason, it's always really turned me on when a partner shows strong emotion, so my fantasy is that me and a guy are at a hospital and somebody in his family died.

I say in a breathless whisper, 'My, what full lips you have.'The wolf grazes my mouth with his, lets his lips travel down my neck and says, 'All the better to EAT YOU with, my dear.'You can imagine the rest."—35/Female/Straight "Me and the other person are in a pool at night and we start to make out passionately, and then step out of the pool, dry off and head to a bed with black sheets/covers.

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    The Greeks weren’t aiming to wipe out the Jewish people; they wanted to wipe out Judaism and its belief in an Infinite God Who creates, sustains and is involved in the universe.

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