Bind updating outside zone

bind updating outside zone-35

rsasha256.island.dlvtest.rsasha512.island.dlvtest... korma (cbm) is a machine that gets a DHCP lease from gateway.

Forward and reverse name resoluti...sending updates from windows 2k3 DNS to BINDSorry if this question is dumb or missing information - I'm not at all a Windows / AD type person.

I have 3 zones that all point to a file via $INCLUDE. My current dns server doesn't have exporting zone options ...

When I add a new DNS record to I now have to: 1) Update the reverse zone 2) Update the serial # in zone1 3) Update the serial # in zone2 4) Update the serial # in zone3 Is there a tool/script that helps automate this? Any help appreciated Thanks Pierre In article I'd like to ...

A second question is what is the best way to defeat attempts to update DNS zone files?

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