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For this tenth anniversary calendar, the Task Force revisited families from the early years and invited twelve (plus two more! Each family picture has a small inset picture from the first time the family was in the calendar. Real Families Rock posters by Out For Our Children (UK) depict the complexity and infinite diversity of ordinary families. This SAFE ZONE poster was adapted from a Boulder County Health Department poster and is brought to you by University of Massachusetts; Crampton House, 256 Sunset Avenue; Amherst, MA 01003-9324; Phone: (413) 545-4824; Fax: (413) 545-6667; Email: [email protected]; See prices and shipping charges on the websitefeatures a green animated bully and a smaller blue figure obviously distressed, along with the plea "Help me! If you do not feel welcome here or if you know of any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender harassment, please call or visit : Our website url and phone number are listed on the poster.Many families have grown; others have changed their make-up; and the tragic loss of one dad illustrates that our families and our children experience life, death and change just like other families. The posters are targeted at Early Years Centres and Primary Schools. I'm being harassed." Smaller text says, "You deserve safety and respect at school. The website is a useful resource no matter where you live; the phonenumber is one way to reach a Safe Schools Coalition Intervention Specialist for help in Washington State with anti-LGBTQ bullying and violence Specifically for homeless youth and their families, these great posters from The National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE) are in English and Spanish.

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This is the first exhibit created by youth with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender parents to promote visibility and raise awareness about their experiences and families.

This photo-text exhibit features a diverse group of youth with LGBT parents from all around the country.

GSAs registered with GSA Network in California may order up to 30 posters (any combination of any type) for free, each school year.

Additional posters can be ordered for a suggested donation of $1 per poster. We can only ship free posters to your school address, so make sure your GSA Advisor knows a package of posters will be sent to them.

For any other groups: $5 each for posters plus $6 shipping.