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Most of the specimens of Archaeopteryx that have been discovered come from the Solnhofen limestone in Bavaria, southern Germany, which is a lagerstätte, a rare and remarkable geological formation known for its superbly detailed fossils laid down during the early Tithonian stage of the Jurassic period, with broad wings that were rounded at the ends and a long tail compared to its body length.It could reach up to 500 millimetres (20 in) in body length, with an estimated mass of 0.8 to 1 kilogram (1.8 to 2.2 lb).

In particular, they shared the following features with the dromaeosaurids and troodontids: jaws with sharp teeth, three fingers with claws, a long bony tail, hyperextensible second toes ("killing claw"), feathers (which also suggest warm-bloodedness), and various features of the skeleton.

That same year, the first complete specimen of Archaeopteryx was announced.

In particular, Ostrom found that Archaeopteryx was remarkably similar to the theropod family Dromaeosauridae.

Specimens of Archaeopteryx were most notable for their well-developed flight feathers.

In a press release, Carney argued against this interpretation, insisting the wing feather was "matte black with a darker tip" and one of his colleagues also brought up the subject in a review paper however, no new evidence was published.