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Some of the faces we do recognise in the second photo includes the two teachers Mr O’Brien and Mrs Meadows, Julie Thomas, Catherine Tippings, Corrine Bevan, Maria Matthews, Angela Biston, Tony Lewis, Finbar Taylor and Theresa Dix.

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But for the sake of avoiding spoilers, let’s discuss what we know of Rose’s coded white feminism from the first half of : • While driving to Rose’s parents’ house, Rose hits a deer and calls the police to report the accident.

Once Chris walks back from inspecting the deer’s body, the cop demands to see identification.

Chris nods and reaches for his wallet, but Rose pushes back at the cop.

“That’s bullshit,” she says—with no fear of a white police officer. As Ijeoma Oluo pointed out after the Women’s March in January, white women were so oblivious to the possibility of police violence that they posed for pictures with cops in the middle of a political protest.

Elina, the program's coordinator, and Albert, a Ph D student trainee from the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, then act out a slightly more successful scenario: Albert glances up with a brief smile, and looks away.