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When a crane does not have a GPS, Buildings must be notified of the crane’s arrival and departure from a construction site. 1446-2017 requires hoisting machine operators to have a license rating in order to operate certain large cranes.

The licensing rating can be obtained through demonstration by operation, practical exam, or completion of simulator training. 1435-2017 requires all cranes to be equipped with event recorders to collect information on: crane configurations, any overload condition, status of limit switches, and operator overrides. 1448-2017 requires that buildings under construction that are more than four stories in height retain a construction superintendent.

I looked at the Easy Setup Payload folder to where the update is downloaded. Note: you may choose to run update prerequisite check first, however the install does this anyway.

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From the Administration node, click on Hierarchy Settings. Then select the number of days you need to have your clients up to date. After the reboot and you attempt to open the console.

Note: the clients will not update all at one and should be staggered so there is not increased activity. In this blog I will walk through the steps of upgrading your Configuration Manager environment to the latest update Configuration Manager 1602.

When applying a new Retention Policy (or tag) in Exchange 2010 SP1 you may wonder why it doesn’t apply immediately.

In short, Exchange is configured by default to cycle all mailboxes in a 24 hour period.

Once you run the script restart the SMS_Exec service. Click I accept the license terms and privacy statement. In the real world, I strongly recommend to validate in a pre-production collection.