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Living with his new family, the almost supernatural creative fire of the mid-’60s passed from him like a fever.

Suddenly, he seemed content to walk his daughter to the school bus.

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Rifles have been recovered from one persistent, insane intruder.

With one part of his mind, Dylan fears his own weapons could mangle these fans. It is the height of the countercultural tumult in America, and the stray battalions fetching up at Dylan’s door are looking for the legend they see as its leader: Dylan the acid guru of Blonde On Blonde, who laid down what rock could be, then vanished from view as a generation fell under his spell.

He is like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, hiding out in a farmhouse, wanting the world to forget him.

He has put away the musical weapons that tore rock apart, and he has no plans to ever use them again. He married the ex-model Sara Lownds on November 22 that year.

For three years in the early ’70s, he releases nothing at all.