Bob jones policy on interracial dating

Does the University believe that those who choose interracial marriage do so out of rebellion against God? It does believe, however, that often the promoters of it do so out of antagonism toward God because they are often the same entities that promote homosexuality, abortion and other forms of social radicalism. If the science doesn’t convince you, the personal experience overwhelmingly reported by gay people, combined with the spectacular failure of “ex-gay” ministries, ought to shake your confidence.Is there a spiritual warfare being waged daily against the people of God? Does the present liberal feeding frenzy on Bob Jones University … To quote him: “Our religious liberty must in no way ever be linked to the ever-changing opinions of the public.” 2. Yes, it’s possible to concede that homosexual inclination is involuntary while insisting that to act on that inclination is a choice. The argument here is that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, has the same right to an opposite-sex marriage.In 2008, past President Stephen Jones, great-grandson of evangelist and university founder Bob Jones, apologized for BJU’s past racial discrimination.

Do Christians still have the right under the Constitution to believe and practice their faith even when their faith is out of sync with an ecumenical, antichrist, federal public policy? Can you really determine who has a valid religious belief and who is just using religion as an excuse to discriminate? -Trebuchet A week after offering this defense of its policy, Bob Jones dropped the policy.

The resemblance between Bob Jones’ argument and Jindal’s argument raises a simple question: Does the right to practice a religious belief against gay marriage differ fundamentally from the right to practice a religious belief against interracial marriage? But the question remains: If religious freedom protects your right to discriminate privately between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships, does it also protect your right to discriminate privately between same-race and opposite-race relationships? As Bob Jones put it: “Does a Christian consensus have to exist to make a belief right?

“We are made of one blood.”Bob Jones University lost its tax exemption after a 13-year battle with the IRS over whether the university’s policies against interracial dating precluded it as a non-taxable religious educational institution.

The university didn’t admit any black students until 1971, 17 years after Brown vs. It then wouldn’t admit any students who were in a mixed-race marriage and created rules to prohibit students from interracial dating.

None of that is relevant in the least to the points I have made in this speech.