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Tibbs] I'm a country man at heart but a city man by nature Cuz even though it's fuck free, it's all about the paper I love to live expensive, smoke like I'm in Jamiaca Even when I'm broke I think I'm like but a creater Avoids the green, even from my early teens ???????? Tibbs he makes the party Boing, Boing Bza Blade he makes the party Boing, Boing Skinnyman make the party Boing, a bza Boing, Boing Blade make the party bza Boing, Boing Mr.

in need of CREAM seen (seen) But then I had a dream 'bout bein' the best rapper But that ain't what it seems, next chapter That's spreadin' the word Inspiration from the hurb is what you hear when I got heard I sat back and observed most of the men that shined before me All that respect, keeper know 'nough of them will bore me Singin' the same story, I'm better than you And to tell you the truth most of them men are shut fools We asked them in the struggle to make ends meet That's why I told these MCs that talk is cheap You might think you know Tibbs, you don't know me Unless you walk my streets and talk to my peeps [Hook: RZA] Bob Digi makes the party Boing, Boing Skinnyman make the party Boing, bza Boing, Boing [RZA] With your high pitched face like eye liner If the black gat bust you get struck by the side winder You can't block and stop it when I spotted I shoot like Luke Skywalker inside the cockpit Aimin' at the top fighter Who I mighta have thirty thousand kids spark the lighter And set flames to the sky, we aim high The baseline kick like the kid from Shang-Hi Make your bubble bust, cuddle up from the rubble thrust You'se will have the double juice duck, then I doubled up To the double four, puddles pour from ya bum bot Open swords can't be cured by the blood clot Ya bum bastards, son I come classic Frame won't last the length of my matchstick Drunk off the Hennessey V. Tibbs he makes the party Boing, Boing Bob Digi makes the party Boing, Boing Skinnyman make the party Boing, a bza Boing, Boing Blade make the party bza Boing, Boing Mr.

The sad thing is that we live in a country where something like "Dating Naked" is a draw for viewers. I've said it once, and I'll say it again "who gives a rat's ass about a tit (or two), or even a vulva? Why should nudity somehow enhance an idiotic home buying show, or a "survival" show, or apparently this dating show? i really don't get the need to blur nudity yet they can show graphic violence no problem, that is really messed up. Your grandma is upset because the blur filter was off, not because you let a total stranger fondle your naked breasts on national television.

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" So I'll just stand here with this mic that I hold Request the higher force to sweep over my soul So I can fulfill my dream, go for my goals I'm sick of spendin' every late night out of role [Hook: RZA] Skinnyman make the party Boing, bza Boing, Boing Blade make the party bza Boing, Boing Mr.

[Yeah this is Blade and the track, the hot new joints called the Boing, Boing] (Yeah representin' live all my UK hip hop heads in the North Side, el tarno) Down it's gonna bang in ya face, lets go [Skinnyman (RZA)] Regardless, I'll be here bringin' it heartless Ruthless, to the death I'll stand for the truth yes My God given talent is all that I can do best Keep spittin' over these tracks and leavin' you blessed So who requested my time on the set Skinnyman's what you get, so you ain't really hearin' nuttin' yet Ya best upthreat cuz it gets better yet I'm that deft intellect, them boy they don't pent So who requested Wu-Tang on the set (it's the RZA) What you get so you ain't really hearin' nuttin' yet We'll never let anybody else step Or ever come with anything less for what you'd expect If you pass me the mic then I'll gladly accept I'll take it to the street, show you how rough it can get Cuz everybody knows this rappin' thing isn't happenin' Now they jack it in and go back to shottin' crack again Locked down the block and get strapped with the gat again Then we break it down then just deal with the matter then So how you'd think a British ghetto youth feels He can't get a record deal but he can get drugs to deal He can't get a job but he can go for rob and steel Lookin' for a mill' while you screamin' "keep it real!

The mammoth plane will have a wing span of 265 feet compared to the 747’s 211 feet,and is designed to fit within the newly created terminals used for the 555 seat Airbus A380, which is 262 feet wide.

The new 797 is in direct response to the Airbus A380 which has racked up 159 orders, but has not yet flown any passengers.

Four men remain standin' like Gladiators When the dusk clears nuttin' for the average ears For years its been the same with minds of the artillery God forgave us all for the merciless delivery Holdin' the tools of the trade with a death grip Rememberin' the times when nothin' was right, we was desperate Dreams blown to smithereens, turned into nightmares with screams There's a world of CREAM If all goes correct we can stash supreme Feed the fiend cuz that's the way it was meant to have been You should of seen the comin', the language is universal One time perfect attack with no rehearsal Shook the Earth for what it's worth You're in danger of a takeover, and it's analysed as global We can find them whatever your predictions Enterin' the realm unknown with no restricitons It might be hard to believe We invade, we conquer and lead [Hook: RZA] Skinnyman make the party Boing, bza Boing, Boing Blade make the party bza Boing, Boing Mr.

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