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Prism recognize movies and TV programs that address issues involving alcohol and substance abuse.

"Boston Legal" previously won a Prism in 2007 for the storyline involving Paul Lewiston and his drug-addicted daughter, Rachel.

Kelley and the cast, crew and creatives of Boston Legal.

Read them here: "Dear Boston Legal Cast/Crew/Staff" Waldorf: "I really loved the show tonight." Statler: "So what, you also loved World War II." BL forum member "Cree" created a heretofore undiscovered parallel universe when she married up the balcony boys of "Boston Legal" with their predecessor from "The Muppets", Statler & Waldorf.

As Cree says: "I can almost see James and Bill, in twenty years from now, looking back on BL, when I watch this video. see for yourself [November 12, 2008] Boston Legal Wardrobe Sale At Manhattan Beach Studios Premiere Props, on behalf of David E.