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Famed trainer Jeanette Jenkins (who helped sculp Kelly Rowland's famed abs) touted her workout DVDs and offered the audience (along with hosts Shorty Da Prince and Paigion) advice on fitness and healthy living. Carter Show" Official Concert Video DO YOU LOVE TRENDY AND SEXY STILETTOS, PUMPS, WEDGES AND SANDALS. COM/SHOOGASM1 and BROWSE ALL OF OUR SHOE DEPARTMENTS AND FIND THE LOOK THAT'S HOT FOR YOU. Ci Ci was looking like what did I ever see in your lil PUNK ASS! Ciara did great and handled it well it's like she was so above him and treated him like a lil groupie boy fan rather than an Ex-Boy friend! Ciara has clearly moved on to BIGGER & BETTER things! I must admit she looks happy but this man has too much BAGGAGE and we all know she was looking real lonely after Amare went back to his kids mother.

Watch Jeanette's segment on staying healthy here: PREVIOUS: Trinidad James DISHES On His New "Straightened" Hair & Side Vs. WELL COME OVER TO SHOOGASM-THE ONLINE SHOE BOUTIQUE AND BROWSE THE MANY HOT SHOES WE HAVE TO OFFER. I just wished she waited because I don't think this is gonna end well but I wish her the best!

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She also sang a snippet of an upcoming track wth Nicki Minaj that will be featured on the upcoming album. Amare never brought out the best in her the way this guy does. In fact, he is the first one who has made her glow to this extent.

Watch Ci Ci's interview here: Also on "106 & Park".... B., Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens Beyonce's "The Mrs. COM/SHOOGASM1 Bow Wow just sitting there with his little SHORT SAWED OFF TREE STUMP LEG looking real STUPID next to Ci Ci, she was looking at him like WOW you are REALLY sitting here behind a MICROPHONE interviewing me! While many of us know she can do better than him financially, but she can do no better than him as a man. Come on now you know after Bow Wow,50, and Amare she should really be looking for more.

You are looking from the outside though..clear that Future makes her happy and I like how they support each other.

You say Colin would have been good for her but who knows..could be a complete douche bag or lack relationship skills so you can't really say who would be "good" for her... All I know is she is definitely glowing and I'm happy for her and wish her the best as well :-) It is only awkward if one of them still has feelings.

They would walk the occasional red carpet together with Ciara sporting a large diamond ring on her left hand's ringfinger.