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Most of these jokes rely on some sort of pun for their punchline. A bigger list of fish puns that you can use in conversation?

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"Some of the reps are paid by the bars to bring them in and then they encourage them to do outrageous things."The tour operators shy away from these allegations, insisting that reports of indecent or rowdy behaviour are wrong.

For Mac, a local DJ, the behaviour of some tourists is not so unusual.

As the Greek authorities try to clamp down on the holiday reps, some of whom they accuse of being paid to organise frenzied pub crawls and other alcohol-fuelled antics, former reps insist that this is just what their guests want.

One said: "During their welcome speech, reps warn the guests about falling over balconies but they don't want to scare them too much.

Perry went on The Morning Mash XM radio show and expressed her thoughts on the unfortunate matter.