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Which leaves Cooper as Templeton "Faceman" Peck, the handsome devil of the gang originally played by Dirk Benedict. "Me and Liam, we're like the ugly versions of those two guys.Given, with his five-day stubble and dirty-blonde locks, Cooper is not so shabby in the looks department, I wonder if he'd ever been compared to Benedict. It's true if you think about it." With the story revolving around the pursuit of the A-Team by a female US army general (Jessica Biel), who just happens to be a former flame of the Faceman, Cooper promises this will be a "grittier version" of the original TV series. "His film Narc definitely made a huge impact in the industry.After trotting out the usual hyperbole about working with Bullock – "amazing", "incredible", "wonderful" all spew from his mouth – he tells me that it's where he first worked with Ken Jeong, who plays a naked – and very angry – gangster who accosts Cooper's character in The Hangover.

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Following a particularly wild bachelor night in Vegas that involves strippers, babies and Mike Tyson's pet tiger, his character, Phil, spends the film looking for the groom that he's lost just one night before he's due to get married.

His own drunken antics sound almost as entertaining. "When you have an experience like this with people you get along with, it's a rarity.

So after that, I thought, 'I'm never going to say anything'." Still, after ten years of such thankless toil in the industry – taking small roles in Nip/Tuck and Alias along the way – all that's about to change.

No question, the last 12 months have been a breakout time for the 34-year-old Cooper.

I really didn't have anything going on." A sports jock, he most certainly was not, though he was intrigued by them.