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I guess there are things one can't know everything about. The good and the just, they were like gold dust in this city. In the second game, he returns to the NYPD and crosses paths with Mona Sax, an assassin that he falls in love with. The third game takes place a decade later, with Max having left the NYPD to pursue a life in private security in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ruins the "fun" of experiencing it."There was no glory in this. As with most of his career moves, it ends only in blood and tears.

Now, young Max Holloway and WEC vet Leonard Garcia clash in a bout guaranteed to have compelling action from start to finish.

For years, mixed martial arts was seen as a sport for the combat sports veteran, one that wouldn’t hit his prime until his thirties.

The story is not lost in a bunch of silly special effects,come to think of there no special effects at all.

I you want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia see this movie.

A mid-level, high-strung Mob boss under Lupino that Max is forced to deal with.