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Here is what he wrote captioning it with a photo: Check out reactions from fans: Wetalatales: My friends think I love your art n craft because of your punchlines, some say delivery, some say locks, I say, I call Juliani a real artist not because his lines are always on point but because his power bank lies in the smiles thrown by his rib n seed and not the punchlines he throws n this right here is pure magic! Beautiful, keep it burning always David: I find myself singing through this beautiful masterpiece too dope Loui: Boys wanafall for dimples….men wana look forward to wrinkles.

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Juliani is one of the few celebrities who do not like sharing their private life on their social media pages like others do.

His private life remains private at all given costs, but this time he just had to share a sweet poem to the love of his life, Brenda Wairimu, who is an actress and the mother to his daughter.

So I was like ‘Hey I like your music’ and whatnot and the rest is history.”Also Read: Juliani's proposal to Brenda Wairimu is every lady's dream In fact, ladies, if you see a cutie don’t be shy because research has proven that ladies who make the first move land the hottest men.

“We accept humbly that truly our mum has gone to be with the Lord.

She left us on Sunday morning, and for most all of us, it still seems like a dream” wrote Brenda.