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So a pat on the back and “good luck to you” it was. I have images of turning 45 and realizing that I never worked again… Add the stress of having one demanding toddler who at times flies off the handle to such an extent, I’m left wondering if I’m even losing at this whole parenting thing. Add a traveling husband who is here only sometimes (and Murphy’s Law has it that he’s gone when shit truly hits the fan.) Nothing is the end of the world, but every little thing adds up.

As a person she was probably sad to see me go, but as a business woman she concluded that I had made my decision and life would go on. I’m asking more questions and pushing for answers if something seems fishy. All of the above has happened internally (obviously), while on the outside I’ve been on multiple job interviews. Some days turn into weeks and I realize that I’ve had no solid leads in well over double digit days. I never dominated my area/project/division/what-have-you, again. And the thoughts that swirl in one’s own mind can be such ball busters. In what we now know to be typical Bret style – he likes the party girls and the centerfold types for a little while.

Meanwhile, Constandina picks the wrong time to take a vow of chastity.

- Two buses plus 20 skanks plus one aging rock star equals a tragic sort of amusement for us, the home viewing audience. And, in sad news for fishes everywhere, Inna Tuna is sent back to the sea.

Brittanya takes this chance to assault Heather with fists and spit, so Bret decides her tour will stop here.