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Fit waist size up to 36" and 180 lbs only ZETA III sport C / VIOS III Sport C / Artis III / EXAS III (fiber glass shell, small size only, non FIA Approved) Seat Rails Please contact us for the collect rails (based which model) Stradia II REIMS - Black Trim ZETA III Red color Euroster Tan Color Euroster Black Color VIOS III Blue Triim August 10, 2015 Update (Fix Back Series) ZETA III Type XL Black ZETA III Type XL Red ZETA III Type XL Japan Edition (carbon back) ZETA III Type L Gradation ZETA III Type L Hyper Black Logo ZETA III Japan (Carbon back) ZETA III Gradation ZETA III Hyper Black Logo ZETA III Red Logo VIOS III Japan VIOS III Remis Black VIOS III Gradation VIOS III Hyper Black Logo EXAS III Black Cloth ZODIA Black Cloth GARDIS III (Gradation or Black Logo) --- Racing Seats PROFACE (Black) --- Racing Seats ZIEG III Type R (Reclining Series) GIAS II Hyper Black (black logo) GIAS II Red Logo Stradia II Gradation Stradia II Hyper Black Stradia II Red Logo Stradia II Japan Stradia II Black Stradia II Venus Edition Stradia II Sport Edition Euroster II Red Euroster II Black Digo II Black Hi RAVSPEC, I'm looking at the BRIDE EUROSTER II reclining (Gradiation) at your website and was wondering what BRIDE seat rails it needs to go with..

I have a 2012 USDM GR STI and want it for the DRIVER side..

It was never even bolted on to the car, placed it in the car for fitment and measurements but has never had a butt in it lol. If a serious buyer wants to buy both I would let them both go for $1,000 shipping.

Both include Sparco side mounts, I'm reusing my base plate. They are the exact same seat made with the same materials and the same manufacturing process but without the FIAA sticker.

I did a TON of research before buying, including calling Bride Japan.

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