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(Necros) Ohhhhhh, I don't think they were going to. Some people didn't like how it was always falling across your eyes. If you were to have written an episode, what would it have been like? (nessaa) Wow, my episode would have been like "Denna" times 10. I would have loved to have split my episode over two parts and really not have relied too much on the fast-paced action we had on the show (during much of season two).They touched on it early on in the first season and (the TVStar reader) is right; in the book it belonged to a monster that was guarding the Book of Shadows. Were you starting to think about putting it in a ponytail? That was great, but I'd like to have seen what the fans thought if we'd just broken it down for a while and just had three or four really great, dark acts in a good, solid two-parter.In the show we made it something of importance, but we never really mentioned it. Off set, what did you, Bridget and Tabrett Bethell like to do together? I would have set it in a dungeon, like you had in "Denna," with just a couple of characters. I don't think I have too much of a dark side, especially on set. As a lead, it's just very important to set the tone for the crew, the show.

So it's good to have these kind of stories, the body swaps and things like that, that let you do something different. Had you thought about writing and/or directing an episode next season?

Or when Richard had to try to act in a different way or was uncomfortable with something or was put in an awkward situation, even that was challenging in and of itself. I was always thinking about, with Richard and Kahlan -- and so were the writers -- how to keep these two apart for so long. Or I would have put them together briefly and then have them split. I would have put them together, then something would happen. It taught me the value of having a lovely, beautiful woman by your side. (Riker1012) That was actually the plan that was going to be in place.

" Exclusive Interview: Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker, Fan Questions Answered), Part II And now it's time for the second half of our two-part exit interview with Craig Horner, the star of the late, lamented fantasy series Legend of the Seeker.

Here, still answering your questions, Horner replies to queries both serious (interacting with fans) and trivial (the last movie he watched in a movie theater).

And would it have been different from the Terry Goodkind books? I think people would have liked that, to see both of them with someone else for a while, but then maybe eventually coming back to each other. I think I'm ready and I'd really love to do it." It was going to be talked about. What was it like wearing that in comparison to the normal costume? (deanna) Yeah, I've been doing that for about fifteen years now, even longer than acting.