Building a dating website software

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Notice the top result: That long-tail query, “will RTM work for marketing,” appears in Gregarious Narain’s article on CMI. Instead, there is a well-written article with plenty of semantic relevance.

In fact, the operative term “RTM” appears only twice in the article. It is lengthy, well-cited, effectively linked to other sites, carefully analyzed, and it appears on an authoritative site. The article gets indexed, ranked to the top position on Google in mere hours (three hours after its publication), and read by a lot of people. It’s the old adage – write for users, not for search engines.

CMI doesn’t need links from online casinos, floral design blogs, or online dating sites. Question: How did CMI get such great links with such high relevance?

Answer: CMI only publishes articles for which it wants to get links.

Even worse, misguided linking practices may result in a link penalty.