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Bulgaria's contribution to humanity continued throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with individuals such as John Atanasoff — a United States citizen of Bulgarian and British descent, regarded as the father of the digital computer.

A number of noted opera-singers (Nicolai Ghiaurov, Boris Christoff, Raina Kabaivanska, Ghena Dimitrova, Anna Tomowa-Sintow, Vesselina Kasarova), pianist Alexis Weissenberg, and successful artists (Christo, Pascin, Vladimir Dimitrov) popularized the culture of Bulgaria abroad. One of the earliest known composers of Medieval Europe, Yoan Kukuzel (ca.

Bulgarian vocal style has a unique throat quality, while the singers themselves are renowned for their range.

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Because of this Bulgarian nation has one of the richest folk heritage in the world.

Thracian artifacts include numerous tombs and golden treasures, while ancient Bulgars have left traces of their heritage in music and early architecture.

Although traditional music and dance are not popular among Bulgarian city youth, they are often performed at weddings, and generally in countryside festivals.

They are also performed in Bulgaria and abroad by amateur and professional performing artists and choirs. Dobrudzha, Sofia, Rodopi, Macedonia, Thrace and the Danube plain all have distinctive sounds.

In the Bulgarian Orthodox Church there are two traditions of church singing - Eastern monodic (one-voice) singing and choral (polyphonic).