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The floor creates an interesting blue glow to the interior.

Website has beautiful images and the custom section is particularly strong. The chalkboard with quotes is such a cute way to engage passersby. SPEEDY CUSTOM BVW has two CAD programs for custom design and a 3-D printer, so everything is done in the store by Wolf, speeding up the process and allowing clients to see exactly what they are getting. American modernism Thing I worry about that I know I shouldn’t?

“You open yourself up to business and revenue and friends you normally wouldn’t get with standard advertising.” The wall space is curved to facilitate traffic flow and the cases are octagonal, creating geometric contrasts.

Wolf had wanted to have curved glass cases made, until he learned how crazy expensive that would be.

“We wanted it to have enough of a footprint that it would not be a little kiosk, but not so big that I had to worry about filling it with inventory.” At least 80 percent of the business is custom design rather than straight out of the case. What we have under our glass is considered pretty minimal.” A Small Business Administration loan helped him get things going, inventory-wise. “A lot of the inventory we carry other stores in the area don’t,” Wolf says. Not the same old colors and flavors.” Wolf started out in the industry at age 16, working with his family in Albuquerque, before he got an apprenticeship as a bench jeweler in Reno with Robert Ince, his mentor.