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A nightvision mode is provided for monitoring in darkness although footage shot in this mode is displayed in black and white.

Either the camera can be switched on or off manually by toggling a button in the app or there’s a Home/Away Assist mode which knows when you are leaving the house and switches the camera on for you automatically (though you'll need to have the location data switched on in your phone’s settings for this work). family members) can be set up with different profiles within the same account and the camera won’t turn on until all users have left the house.

The Nest Cam IQ is its latest security camera and the first to incorporate facial recognition technology.

Not only can it detect movement and capture video footage, it can also inform the user who is in the property and whether it’s a familiar or unfamiliar face.

Type: IP camera Location: Indoors Mounting: Stand-mount Cable: 3m USB-A to USB-CConnectivity: Wi-Fi Resolution: 1080p Image sensor: 1/2.5inch, 8 Megapixel (4K) colour sensor, 12 x digital zoom Nightvision: 2 x 940nm infra-red LEDs Motion sensor: Yes Audio: Two-way sound Battery: No Local video storage: No App support: Android/i OSSubscription: From $10/£8 a month for 10-day history Size/Weight: 74 x 124 x 124mm (w x h x d).