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But the tenants, mostly monolingual immigrants, didn’t get their complaints resolved, and learned to live with the situation.“They had to use an umbrella to keep the dirty water from the ceiling out of the shower,” Diana Martinez, who works with the Mission SRO Collaborative, testified at the commission.“There are tenants who have lived there for 20 years. Each occupied room has been rented out as an individual unit for which rent has been paid directly to the landlord.

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The LLC “purchased the premises as-is with the knowledge that it was tenant occupied,” a brief filed by the tenants’ lawyers states.

“New owners of rental property are required to address outstanding code violations even if they were caused by the previous owners of the property.” Again: Farag is no novice here. It’s inconceivable that he bought the building without inspecting it, knowing that there were pending abatement issues, and that a whole lot of work needed to be done to bring it up to habitable standards.

Almost a month later, on February 17, the place was re-inspected – and “no violations were corrected.” On March 19, the landlord applied for a building permit that “does not include plans …

DBI staff seeks to meet with contractor to discuss scope, lack of plans, and $47,500 valuation.” That’s right – Farag’s group filed papers saying that all of the problems, including a set of back stairs that were unsafe – could be fixed for less than $50,000.

There were as many as 24 people living in the two units, often two or three to a room.