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If you can’t have a great conversation with a stranger who doesn’t intimidate you, how in the world can you ever hope to have one with someone who does? where you wouldn’t trade it for anything (until you meet her).

If you can’t beat the game on “easy mode”, why in the world would you even try to play it on “hard”? and that makes me think of another question (to which I think I know your answer! A lot of my readers find me because they’re looking for that one special girl. Sure, you’ll meet a lot of the wrong women before then, but it won’t be until you feel like you couldn’t be happier in your life that a woman who makes you re-think that will come along.

I’ve said it before, guys who were heavily into the pickup artist stuff were always my toughest clients.

The reason being is that that’s a school of thought that emphasizes being in your head — constantly focused on the outcome, constantly focused on some line or technique to remember or what to say and do during a conversation.

Hinge, a dating app that matches young professionals in similar networks, found that users are 14.2% more likely to “swipe right” for Amazon employees than their counterparts at tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple.