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"No matter how many laws we sign," says Mu Sochua, Cambodia's former minister of women's and veterans' affairs and a long-time opponent of Hun Sen, "child sex will continue as long as this government is in power." The sex trade in Cambodia expanded in the early 1990s to service UN troops overseeing the transition to the current democratic government.

The child-sex trade began to appear when the UN troops left and brothel owners discovered they could make more money catering to foreign tourists and local pedophiles wanting sex with kids.

"Cambodia is catering to this market." The climate was ripe.

War, revolution and the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s left the nation's social structures in ruins.

But when a photographer who has accompanied Majumdar begins to take some pictures, the pimp and his bodyguards draw guns, thinking Majumdar and the photographer are undercover informants.

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