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These are tall and somewhat narrow in width, which gives them a design that sets them apart in appearance from a number of other solar panels, but in a way that is no doubt appealing to many customers. Canadian Solar provides a 10-year warranty covering its product and workmanship.

You get one year of warranty coverage guaranteeing power output at 95 percent.

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However, the company suggests in its installation manual that it is a good idea to use water and something that will not scratch the glass surface, such as a sponge, to clean the panels if a significant amount of material builds up on the panels.

These panels also feature an anti-reflective surface, which boosts the input of sunlight into the panels and makes them more efficient.

He led his center-left Liberal Party to a dramatic upset victory over both the far-left New Democratic Party and the ruling Conservatives, headed by the divisive and hard-line Stephen Harper.

Unlike his predecessor, Trudeau celebrates openness and transparency—he plunges into crowds, cheerfully poses for selfies (even at G20 meetings), and shocks some with his public displays of affection toward his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau.

These monocrystalline panels can produce a maximum power of 305 watts.