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This wonderful history was revealed to humans once scientists understood the origin of fossils and the details of sedimentary rock formation.

— It's a dangerous world out there, especially if you are a small insect.

Insects have thrived on our planet for hundreds of millions of years, so they must be doing something right despite all ...

Now we know how to make petrified wood and it only takes days I submit to you that nature only takes days or weeks to make petrified wood and that it can only be formed in a short time under proper circumstances.

Argon is typically used in furnaces because it is inert gas.

All the carbon has not been replaced by silicon or titanium. Since it supposedly took millions of years to form, the carbon 14 test should show a nil carbon 14 content. " Notice the unsubstantiated dogma that petrification takes millions of years. There is no absolute proof of that in the literature You will find that the scientific literature will say that such and such fossil was found in the so and so formation which is 100 million years old.